Dancing for happiness, prosperity and abundance

wolfwomenDancing for happiness, prosperity and abundance for all the tribes of the Earth Nation.

Its a very grounding song filled with the sound of a violin playing the Yee ho noha song from Sacred spirit.

Its a beautiful song filled with ancient wisdom and respect for the Earth and the People.

Listen to the song I danced to here:


I dance this song in celebration to the Earthdollar !


and in active collaboration of the awakening sovereign collective


Join us and let’s hold hands in this massive celebration of being led back to the land!

Sebenza Nemvelo – is a Zulu phrase meaning – “work with Nature and She will work with you”

I am Nomvula the Greeninglady – an intergalactical dancer of universal energies.

I am an ambassador of the Earth Nation.

My Learning man adventure…

We arrived on the Friday the 30th December.   After arriving after a week long road trip from East London.

It was lovely to be back and to see everyone’s faces!

For a year or more,we have been friends on facebook, since our last meeting and I have seen your thoughts and comments.

Because we are from East London, It’s like being from a different tribe in this one family of brothers and sisters.

Beautiful beings beamed through my point of view and I almost wanted to run to each and everyone and say hello.

I contained myself and could not wait for the drumming that evening.

When the drumming started I danced and danced and embraced all in a dance of rekindling spirits!

Gratitude for that moment overwhelmed my senses and my feet drummed the Earth as I greeted the ancient Oak trees that were watching us.

I felt safe and welcomed in the sacred circle of Trees.

The Trees were the collective energy of trees all the world over and they sat in council observing us humans…and in deep contemplation.

The next day my instinct wanted to dress in blue and red… I went with it and went to do the Sun dance in the circle of Dreams.

I arrived and entered the circle barefooted and with the intention to balance feminine and masculine energies in this universe.

I danced the dance of freedom for all beings.  Human beings, Animal beings and Plant beings.  Freedom from debt for human beings and

freedom from the 3rd dimension for all animals in captivity.

Humans debt are chained to an under the sea steel contraption,  In the dance I cut these chains and pray for freedom for humans as we have never been so close to our freedom than ever before in time.

Then I take the animals in captivity and I raise their vibration to that of the 5th dimension.

The main whale I communicate to is called Tilikum.  He passed over to the 5th dimension a week later.

Then I danced the song of Organic greening of the Earth.  I pray to the Sun and ask the Sun to bless the vision of an organic greening of the World.

I see schools greened themselves and the people honored the land.  Food forests took hands and covered the Earth with a forest blanket of vital food and shelter.

The Tree council, representing the Tree of life and the Goddess, together danced for the Sun the vision of Organic greening of Africa.

The Sun was happy and shone brighter!

The next day I dressed in the Nomvula the Greeninglady costume and I danced for the Sun the Sundance in celebration of the new year.  A Portal of possibilities opened…

It was an hour later than the usual time that I usually dance.

I danced and danced and danced and moments stood still and flowed into the next.  The forest opened the doors and I looked down a long path of trees.

I danced so much that I burnt 5 blisters on each foot…

For a dancer this is a compliment…to dance till the energy gets so intense it burns through you.

When human, sound, movement and intention align…doors open to other dimensions!

But it’s all about the alignment, one hour out and you might get burnt!

Thank you for Ormus cream, my feet were better the next day.

Today I still have my five blisters on each foot and I feel honored to have them reminding me of that moment in time where I walked into a place and it felt like Heaven!

Thank you to you all for making it so special and magical.

We can not wait to see you all soon again!

May the rain fall on your dreams and may those dreams flower into that paradise we all dream of!

I danced today on the beach

I danced on the beach…uninhibited…freefb5
Expressing my dreams and my wishes to the Sun.
The Sun dance with me in a warm embrace as I whirl over and over and over again…
It’s bliss…its pure energy…its inspiration…its food for my soul.
I raise my vibration and am protected by my wolves.
No one can enter unless invited.

I invite God and Goddess into a song each
And we unite in harmony and reverence in beauty and respect.
Divinely we balance and grow forward as beings.
Like a forever long love story between you and the universe.
Dancing and whirling and the energies go higher, raised to the Sun and grounded into the Earth flowing freely through my body as my mind gives me visions and the songs the story.

Then in the distance I hear the drums of the next song…
And I start to see it as it moves closer in my mind.
The Sun’s rays bless this vision and we bow down to Life that has made it happen.
I see the organic greening of Africa…
I see big trees of fruit and nuts and forests stretching from community to community.
I see an organic Africa rising out of the ashes and it’s beautiful.
I look deeper and I see schools have greened themselves. Schools became the hub of the community and offer organic seeds to all to plant.
Everything grew fast as temperatures risen and storms intense but with the knowledge of permaculture they prepared for the excess water.
People lived only on vegetables as animals became more important as friends.
In unity we as Earth representatives stood in unison thanking the Sun for blessing this vision to be…one day…at this moment.

Next song I danced to be for the sake of me having a dream to believe in. Standing firmly and dancing with pride and joy, open heart and energy filled movements.
I got gifted an amber necklace, today is the first day dancing with it.
I feel very balanced in my throat chakra and energy flowed through me more effectively.
Thank you universe, I love you universe. You are me and I am you. And we are beautiful when we smile!

My last song today I danced for the freedom for all sentient beings and animals on Earth.
I call upon the universe to remove the shackles of debt
The veil of closed mindedness to be lifted away from any consciousness.
And for us to open our hearts, eyes and ears to the vibration of love.
The higher dimensions are here, we can access them…with open hearts
Love yourself as you wish to be loved.
Recycle your waste and there will be no rubbish.
Life is beautiful…if you believe…

Live, Love and grow to shine!

Live, Love and grow to shine!

To live life in love and awe for all you experience is to live life to its potential,
lets learn and grow and feel our falls,to rise in our shining times to heights of unimaginable heights.
the message is about cleanliness- clean up yourself, your home and your community.
it starts by yourself and if you feed yourself with life affirming foods and regard your body as a divine temple,then automatically your home will start to reflect that.
as soon as our homes are all in a good clean state then our communities will be free from litter and rubbish like toxins and chemicals in one’s body.
Lets clean up our acts to see a collective change in humanity.
Lets live, lets love, lets grow to shine for eternity!
Eat organic to preserve your magic!
Nature is the only way to go!
Live, Love, Grow!

I walk with the animals…

I walk with the animals…
But now we feel we no more belong-no space to run free, kept in cages and zoos,
Being eaten by those that claim to love us!
Where must we go when you all start to fight about your inconceivable color you see yourself in!!!
What about us! Covered in hair from top to toe, in any color conceivable!
We don’t see color!
We only see love- which we don’t see anymore!
All of you are forgetting to love –but rather you choose fear and anger!
We have been pushed into realities of fear and anger ourselves as you all have opened these doors of realities to all…
We have no more space to be…to fly, to swim, to run!
Kept inside confinements of space our Spirit stops to grow- we feel stagnant and our situation is not improving….
Wolves must be kept in electric fences dug in 3 meters.
Horses have almost no space to run and play by themselves-it’s only when we become one with them that we take them to the level where they can run free and fast!
We know nothing of your politics but that what we feel from you-and the only feeling we feel is FEAR!
Why do you choose fear? Have you forgotten what love is?
Have you forgotten what you are?
You are nothing but LOVE!
You are nothing else!!!
Why do you not love?
Why are you scared to love yourself?

Dancing for the Dakota people.

My dance is my prayer and my prayer is my dance:
Today I danced to the song called Fight without Fear by Oliver Shanti:

I danced today for the Dakota people…
On the beach in South Africa I turned North West and I bowed to the Dakota people. We took hands and we lifted to the skies.
Wolves and horses and eagles flew into a swirl of energy with Native American Indian brothers.
Devas from the Waters ,Seas, Mountains and Volcanoes joined in the fierce creation of a bubble of protection. A white bubble formed around us, but we could not solidify it. Like mist and fog.
Again we urged for protection from Prime Creator for Mother Earth.
Bones started to sing a song of plea for rest. Awoken, by the grumbling battle, on top.
Why Mother Earth, Why?
Tomorrow we will dance again, join us!

“Only hours after lawyers representing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe filed evidence in federal court documenting how some of the Dakota Access pipeline’s proposed route would go through a sacred burial site, the company unexpectedly began working on that very site. As bulldozers cleared earth, hundreds of Native Americans from many different tribes rushed onto the construction site to protect the sacred site. In response, the company’s security forces attacked the Native Americans with dogs and pepper spray. Now the tribe’s lawyer is requesting an emergency temporary restraining order to halt construction on this area of the pipeline. For more, we speak with Jan Hasselman, staff attorney with Earthjustice, who is representing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at today’s hearing in federal court. And we speak with Dave Archambault, the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe”.

Taken from:

Pray to Life!

September 30, 2013 at 10:40pm

My dance is my prayer and in the garden I dance as I am praying to Life…

Because: (taken from the book Return of the bird tribes by Ken Carey)

As you thank God for the people and ideas that helped to make these centuries much better than the worst they could have been, thank also the deities of the sky, sun, moon and star.

Thank the deities that live within the trees, that bubble forth the springs that give you your water to drink, that ripen the wheat, the corn, the potato in the field. For all these deities, ignored though they have been, have continued to exercise a benevolent influence, and have helped lighten for you, the trauma of these past centuries. Speaking in whispers here and there, as gentle voices in your dreams, as soothing images from the trees outside your window as you drift at night into sleep, in a myriad of unnoticed ways, they have come to you and taken the edge off your aggressiveness. Thank then. They have forestalled many sorrows. Honor and revere them. They are the servants of God.

Though these are the same deities the Tuatha De Danann honoured on the shores of Killarney, the same deities the druids thanked with their first cup of water at every bubbling forest spring, the same beings the African Bushmen and Australian aborigines call upon today, they are not “pagan” gods. They are helpful beings, essential energies, not one of which lacks consciousness. They are specific ways that God has chosen to serve you in this material world. Everytime you give reverence to any one of these you honor God.

You are perhaps the only people that have not a name for these subtle essences of divinity. Forming the great pantheon of wonder, vibrating and scintillating like the colors of the rainbow, they unite in a single Great Spirit, the same Christ, the same Wakan Tanka, the same eternal star fire love, the spark everywhere honored as the source of life.

In this new world of Light, see God in all things. Understand that to honor any aspect of God is to honor God. Let reverence be not reserved solely for an image in your church or consciousness. Extend it to every sparrow, every child every flower. Give it to every pebble sparkling on the beach.

Honor the spirit of God, not in the abstract, but in your sisters, in your brothers and in your own heart. Give freely of your reverence. Give it to the bush buck in the forest, to the eagle who winds her way through the mountain passes, to the beaver who loves every moment of his life. This is how you honor God, by honoring all created things. Give thanks to these many beings that have made this age so much brighter for you. Give them your love. See them in every shaft of moonlight and in every forest glade.

You are the way that God becomes human, the way that God tends the garden. You are the way that God interacts with the universe of creation.

Now see how the negative forces are devouring and attacking this Universe of creation.

The war is against the myriad of beings that form the spirit of God.

Do we really want to live in 4 walls cutting us off from God? We live in a time of volatility, where if we do not start making those right decisions we will end up in a world without God and that can only be hell!

Reverence to Life starts in our own individual daily choices!

Do we choose to eat genetically modified foods and artificial nutrients? Do we choose to fill our empty cars with the source of Life itself and drive it out at our luxury?

How conscious is our choices?

And do you know who you pray to and if you not praying, why not?

How much are you benefiting the Earth by celebrating braai day? Where double the amounts of animals are slaughtered and we say that, that is what we want to inherit?

The year is 2027…

A lot has changed… Humans finally discovered their true powers, but challenges were many. Most humans opted to live off the land where they could grow their own organic food. They had discovered first hand that genetically engineered foods and vaccinations were part of a big plot as their lives were lived full of dis-ease and their powers they forgot. Radical revolutions happened which resulted into a very radical time in their lives. From the year 2013 to 2026 – for 13 years! Humans started to act like pigs, cows, sheep, chicken and even horses. Why? … What happened?… Some humans grew pig ears and noses, others developed hooves, grew tails and developed huge big breasts- even the men! Humans went frantic! They did not know what was happening. Finally they discovered that they were becoming what they were consuming. The final straw was when the forces of darkness started selling off human meat as fried chicken. Humans did not know that the juicy tender “chicken breast “ filled with MSG and other flavor enhancers in it were actually human meat from hospitals that did not know what to do with all the people dying! Humans were so confused and desperately wanted to be human again as they started to feel like monsters. So humans decided that they will stop eating their brothers and sisters- the animals. Slowly they regained their health and well being. They became whole, complete and realized that they are beautiful beings full of magic and to live on a pure diet of fresh organic vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds one can get in touch with ones own inner light and be that light that shine when its all dark outside!

Dancing with the Dalai Lama!

Every morning a song plays and I dance.

The song’s name: “Tibet”

I make a circle and He appears: The Dalai Lama.

I take his hands and we dance…

I offer him the epitome of my freedom.

He feels hunted, denied access and his only guide is his two feet.

I find him in his meditation and I lure him to the garden,where I dance my daily celebration for the Sun and Earth – the Dalai Lama and Pacho Mama.

He tells me 20 million souls have been sold and that money has more power.

He tells me Heaven is moving to another Earth.

He sails the oceans, unacceptable for him to dock and anchor…anywhere!

A bird…in a cage!

I take his hands and I dance with him to the rhythm of freedom.

What does it mean that the Dalai Lama has been denied access by higher forces to enter South Africa?  The only country that has the name of Africa! Has Africa sold its soul and those souls of its inhabitants?  20 million souls = 20 million rand?

If God was one of us and God lived on Earth and God were knocking on our door asking for a piece of bread to eat.  Will we invite God in and offer God a feast? Or will we chase God away – cursing God for being a beggar!

How much has the illusion of money gained so much power inhuman beings that we deny God access into our country and into our homes?  Those four walls which we illusionary call houses, which have disconnected us from our natural force!

Dancing with the SacredDancing with the Sacred

Turning the world around through permaculture and dancing!

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